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Maps & Atlases

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Maps are made by many. Regio is special because:

  • Our skilled designers can turn practical maps into works of art. We can print them on paper, birch bark, floors, can send them to a computer screen, mobile phone or a “you name it“ – Regio can get it there!
  • Regio understands the cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean. Working in close proximity to Tartu University, where old world cultures, people and nature have been studied and honored for centuries, Regio can augment maps with information that other cartographers don’t even think of.

    So... when you think “maps,” think Regio.

Regio started out as a map publisher; right from the beginning we specialised in the production of complex maps and ones with very high information content. Today our product range is very wide. Regio’s map production is distinguished by the fact that our maps are mostly made on the basis of our database not as individual ad-hoc solutions.

In-house products

Regio’s mapping unit creates hundreds of maps on demand based on Regio´s own database. Majority of Estonian tourist publications, information boards, wall maps etc. feature cartographic products made by Regio. We are trained to make maps that are beautiful, readable and accurate at all scales and for all purposes.

Digital maps

Regio’s digital maps are useful if you wish to make the finishing touches to the maps yourself or if the maps are to be used very frequently. For this purpose we have prepared a number of standard products. Most of our digital maps are, however, extracted individually from our database.


Available products include maps for Garmin devices:
- Roads of Estonia
- Topographic map of Estonia.

All our GPS maps are highly accurate and up to date. Our data is being used by many other manufacturers (Navitel, NNG, TomTom, GoClever etc).

Print originals

If a map is only part of a larger publication then it is possible to order it from us as a one off print-ready original on film or as a file. If you are planning to publish a periodical it is possible to purchase a license which allows the same print originals to be used several times. Thanks to our extensive database we can quickly find the graphic style which best suits your publication.

Plotted maps

The most up-to-date maps that can be ordered are plotted ones. There is no need to wait for them to be prepared for printing and then printed at a printing workshop. We can plot the latest version straight from our database. If required we can use bleach and water resistant inks which give the image a life-span of 5 years indoors and 2 years outdoors - this is even longer than an ordinary printed image.

Map mountings

You can choose between having your map plastic film coated, fixed onto a base, framed or mounted in some other way. In a smart office a wall map must be framed appropriately and mounted on a proper base. Plastic film coating, apart from its decorative appeal, may also have practical benefits - you can write on plastic and wipe it off, the map will not deteriorate even in the damp. An alternative approach is to enclose the map in an extra thick plastic coating and mount it on the floor.