GIS Data


Tel: +372 731 0122

  • Composing map images from different data sources, including data collecting, unification and generalization, for Estonia’s national emergency structures, Estonian Land Board and Reach-U’s mobile solutions.
  • Navigation database creation according to customer’s specification.
  • We have cooperated with Google, TomTom, Naviteq, Telia, Garmin, Here, etc., providing them with spatial data of the Baltic States, producing them data about specific features from satellite imagery, and/or carried out fieldworks.
  • Analyzing, evaluating and upgrading addresses and buildings databases for Republic of Estonia Land Board.
  • Collecting and creating of the spatial data using satellite images for Estonian State institutions.
  • CORINE Land Cover database update (Estonia) for Ministry of the Environment.
  • Estonian Basic Map compilation and publishing for Republic of Estonia Land Board.
  • Land cover change database creation and change dynamics analysis for Estonian University of Life Sciences.
  • Creation of Reality and Presentation Models of Tallinn for Tallinn City Government.
  • Digitalization of Visual Operation and Aerodrome Charts according to specifications for DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.
  • Crisis management map for Pärnu County Government: rescue data and time zones for rescue unit’s movement.
  • Thematic maps and thematic analyzes for social infrastructure surveys and public transportation surveys – Valga county, Järva county, Põlva county, Tartu county.