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Land cover

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Regio’s geospatial database contains land cover data of the Baltic States.

Land cover layers are:

  • forests, parks, other green areas
  • rivers, lakes and other water bodies
  • swamps, peat mining areas
  • squares, parking lots and stadiums in cities
  • cemeteries
  • landforms

Parks, stadiums, cemeteries and water bodies also have names as attributes when available.

Regio offers:

1. Land cover data in vector format

Format: .tab, .shp, .dgn, .dxf, .dwg

Accuracy: at least 10 m (corresponds to the scale of 1:50 000 spatial accuracy)

2. Raster maps

Regio can generate raster maps with different information density and information amount. These raster maps are suitable for usage in laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and GPS devices in offline-mode.