GIS Data


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Regio’s geospatial database contains 2D footprints of the buildings with additional information about these buildings.

Coverage includes:

  • In Estonia – whole country
  • In Latvia and Lithuania – major cities

Regio offers:

1. Footprints of the buildings, vector format

Additional information about the footprints of the buildings:

  • official address
  • building’s type, usage
  • height
  • number of residential premises (apartments)
  • number of non-residential premises (offices)

Data format: .tab, .shp, .dgn, .dxf, .dwg

Accuracy: at least 5m (corresponds to the scale of 1:10 000 spatial accuracy)

2. Buildings data in table form

Information about building’s centroid’s coordinates, address, building’s type, etc.

Data format: .csv, xls, .mdb