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Sweet Tooth’s Atlas

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Nearly all of us love sweets. There is a popular joke about chocolate – nine people out of ten love it and the tenth person is a liar. The map makers at Regio know this and have published the new, good-looking and amusing Sweet Tooth's Atlas precisely because of it.

This time we have charted a large number of sweets and confections of different countries. Efforts have been put into identifying the definitive confections or sweets in each country that could best represent the area in a sweet manner. Such greats as the Belgian chocolates, the Mozart balls from Austria, tiramisu and the pavlova cake, Kinder Surprise, edible bugs, a sweet named "Spunk", Haribo gummy bears, Mars chocolate and many others have been included.

A lover of sweets will learn where chewing gum was first chewed, when people learned to turn melted chocolate into glossy smooth chocolate bars, how surrealism and the sweet wrapper of Chupa Chups are connected, which sweet has been taken to court, which country has banned Kinder Eggs, where sweets of moss are eaten, and much more. Besides countries with a well-known culture of confectionery, Easter Island, Bangladesh and several African countries are represented.

Maps help sweet tooths keep track of which corner of the world one sweet or another emerged from and where people feast on them.

The atlas is a hardback printed in A4 format and has lots of illustrations. Like any proper atlas, this one has a back-of-the-book index.

NB! We recommend stocking up at least a bar of chocolate for reading, because without aid you will not be able to suppress your cravings within at most three pages and will have to stop reading and rush to a sweet shop.

  • Hardcover: 136 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 20,9 x 29,3 cm
  • 52 countries, more than 130 sweets, exotic recipes
  • Like any proper atlas, this one has a back-of-the-book index
  • Publisher: Regio/Reach-U