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Road Network and Navigation

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Regio’s geospatial database contains a unique road network and navigation dataset of the Baltic States.

Regio offers:

1. Basic Navigation Dataset

Road network dataset includes most common data for navigation: road class, road pavement, maximum legal speed, road type, direction of traffic, vehicle type restrictions, road physical level.

2. Expert Navigation Dataset

In addition to most common data for navigation, Expert Navigation Dataset includes information of lanes, feasible average driving speed, turn restrictions, time restrictions, restrictions depending on vehicle type, warning signs etc.

3. Special extracts from road network database according to client’s specification

In addition to the standard datasets it is also possible to order road network and navigation data in the specification and format most suitable to your needs.

4. Address range dataset

Address ranges is specific street network dataset, which contains address information for each street segment. Address ranges are suitable for approximate geocoding and fast address searching.

5. Distance matrix calculation service

Distances between starting points and destinations are calculated, input table with coordinates is provided by the customer.

6. The points of intersections of the streets

Coordinates of the points of intersections of the streets, and street names. Dataset allows to search for intersections of the streets without using a vector road line network data

Road network and navigation data in web shop
Basic Navigation Dataset specification
Expert Navigation Dataset specification