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Our highly detailed maps have found their way to mobile devices in the form of various native applications for Android , iOS and Windows Phone. What’s even better – we don’t hold our lifelong experience in cartography and collecting mapping data to ourselves – everyone has the opportunity to get their hands on a fully customized mobile application – with or without our highly valued map SDK.

Regio offers “the works” when it comes to developing mobile applications:

  • Refining the idea and concept – our people are always willing to share their experience and knowledge when it comes to mobile platforms and their users and are eager to refine the idea and concept with you. We’re ready to commit and get things done – even when the idea might seem unclear at first
  • Establishing the wireframes – during the process of wireframing, our mobile UX experts will gather your ideas and transfer them to mobile screens. This is the best approach to visualize the idea and getting the first impression on how your application might work for the end user
  • Thinking about the experience – when it comes to mobile users and how they expect to use an application, there are many behavioral patterns to consider. Our people, from project managers to developers, are avid mobile users themselves and thus know all there is to know about user experience
  • Putting emphasis on the vital – Our experienced artists will make sure that the final mobile application and all its components look immaculate and that the final design will remain the same across all platforms and devices with different resolutions and densities
  • Fast and effective development – our developers are working lean and agile, meaning that we’re able to provide good results in just a few weeks. By prioritizing user stories based on their value to the end user, it’s possible to publish the application much sooner than expected and develop the less valuable features later on. Using agile methodologies makes our development teams flexible and result-oriented. Since we’re agile, we don’t have any reservations when it comes to changes in the application scope – on the contrary, we welcome changes and are ready for them
  • Keeping everyone on the same page - here at Regio we’ve hired established mobile application development project managers and made them responsible for keeping all communications smooth and everyone on the same page. By effectively planning various activities it’s possible to save valuable time and that’s exactly what our project managers do

Feel free to browse around and get to know us better. For all your possible questions and comments, do not hesitate to contact us – let’s make ideas happen!