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Regio produces navigation data and topographic maps.

Available products include:

  • Roads of Estonia for Garmin GPS devices
  • Topographic map of Estonia for Garmin GPS devices

Our data is being used by many other manufacturers (Navitel, NNG, TomTom, GoClever etc).

Map of Estonian roads for Garmin GPS devices
Designed for navigation on the road, for NÜVI-type navigators. Also suitable for handheld GPS devices.
Search includes addresses, towns and settlements, farms andpoints of interest.

Topographic map of Estonia for Garmin GPS devices
The topographic map is foremost suitable for navigation in outdoor, using Garmin hand- held GPS devices.
The map can also be used in Nüvi and Zümo type devices, but recommanded to use the Regio Estonian or Baltic roads map version instead, because these models are not built for displaying topographic information.

In addition to the road map, the topographic map features 3D relief and altitude lines, forest trails, power lines and information from the Maritime Administration.

The map of inland waters and coastal sea is informative only. For navigation on bodies of water we recommend specialized Garmin marine charts.

Garmin maps are also available as computer versions for use with MapSource or Basecamp software.