About Regio

Regio is the oldest and biggest Estonian map publisher. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the publication of maps and atlases of all kinds, which have been internationally recognised and awarded on numerous occasions.

Regio was founded in 1990 and has currently 22 employees. Since 1-st of January 2016 the company name is Regio OÜ. Regio is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Regio has two main fields of activity: mapping and geospatial data.

In geospatial data area Regio owns and maintains the most detailed geospatial database of Estonia and the Baltic States. The accuracy is up to 1:2 000 in urban and 1:20 000 in rural areas, including building addresses. Streets and roads are connected to logical network, attributed with turn restrictions and other relevant data for logistical analysis.

Mapping unit creates hundreds of maps on demand based on Regio´s own database. Majority of tourist publications, information boards, wallmaps etc. feature cartographic products made by Regio. Regio publishes the best selling road atlases for Estonia. We are trained to make maps that are beautiful, readable and accurate at all scales and for all purposes.